Dubai is located on the south west coast of the Arabian Peninsula and is one of the seven Emirates which comprise the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Dubai has a population of over two million people and its policy of encouraging overseas investment into the region has seen it emerge as one of the most stable and dynamic economies in the region.
Law firms and financial institutions have resided in the region for over 25 years and English remains the language of business and commerce. Most of the international law firms have significant presences in Dubai, as do leading offshore law firms Maples and Calder and Walkers.


Salaries tend to be similar to those paid in London, with the usual benefits such as life assurance and pension included. Bonuses are also similar.
However there is no income tax in Dubai and the cost of living is similar to London. Lawyers are therefore significantly better off than their UK counterparts.
Law firms will assist with relocation expenses, flights and temporary accommodation when you arrive.

Entry requirements

A work permit is required to work in Dubai, although this is usually a straightforward and quick process. There are no exams – you can practice in an onshore or offshore firm in Dubai provided you are admitted in a common law jurisdiction.


Dubai is an extremely comfortable place to live with beautiful beaches, resorts, shopping and sports facilities. It is a very safe place and the standard of living is excellent. The working week is Sunday to Thursday and expats are expected to respect religious traditions when socialising in public. The working hours tend to be similar to London, although the commute tends to be better and the life outside work varied and stimulating.