Jersey is the largest Island in the Channel Islands. It is 30 minutes by plane from England and just 14 miles from mainland France. The island has a very continental feel and has a European café culture. The island has a population of around 100,000 people and has thriving financial services and tourism sectors. Nearly all the major offshore law firms have a significant presence on Island, with Mourant Ozannes, Ogier and Carey Olsen the largest of these.


Salaries in Jersey are comparable to London, with NQs earning about £60k and Associates with 5 PQE earning around £85k. Partners start at around £160k, although senior equity partners are known to earn in excess of £700k. Discretionary annual bonuses tend to be better than onshore. Other benefits, such as pension and holiday allowance are very attractive. Flights and relocation expenses are included. Income tax is 20%.

Entry requirements

Work permits are not required for UK and EEA passport holders. Commonwealth citizens may also be exempt if they qualify for a UK ancestry visa.
To become a Jersey qualified lawyer you need to sit exams and litigators will be expected to do these eventually. However, lawyers can practice on the island with their existing qualifications.
Housing is a relevant consideration but your sponsoring firm will ensure you have plenty of choice.


Jersey is a great place to live whether single, a couple or a family. The island has many excellent restaurants, which are great value. The water sports and in particular surfing are extremely popular and the shorter working hours mean that you will have time to participate. The culture both at work and on island is more laid back and family focused than in the City, whilst the quality of work and compensation is widely known to be excellent.