Singapore is located in South East Asia and whilst it is one of the smallest countries in the world, it has a fast growing economy and a highly skilled population. Singapore’s democratic government and location have made it the perfect gateway to many other countries in the region.
Increasingly international law firms are establishing offices in Singapore. Walkers and Conyers have had offices there for many years and have more recently been joined by Maples and Calder and Harneys.


Salaries broadly follow London or New York scales. Discretionary bonuses and other benefits also follow. However the tax rate is on a sliding scale depending on what you earn, with 20% the top rate. Lawyers therefore tend to do much better financially in Singapore.
Law firms will assist with relocation of personal items, flights and temporary accommodation when you arrive.

Entry requirements

Whilst a work permit is required to work in Singapore, this is a relatively simple process. There are no separate exams required for a common law qualified lawyer to practice in Singapore.


Singapore is a vibrant place to live whether single or with your family. It is also the perfect gateway to discover the region, with Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam all a short flight away.
The standard of living is excellent with fantastic culture and food. Singapore is particularly family friendly and law firms have a slightly more enlightened view of the work-life balance than elsewhere in the region. Nonetheless the work is excellent, as are career prospects in this growing economy.